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I've been struggling with lower and neck issues since 2017. As a result, I couldn't exercise pain-free and my sleep quality suffered as I was constantly in pain.

Prior to treatment with Reform Chiropractic, I've been to a couple of traditional chinese doctors and other chiropractors, none of them actually helped. After treatment with Reform Chiropractic, my neck pain is gone and my back was significantly improved. I am sleeping better and I can go to the gym and train without pain. 

Fabian, 24


Before seeking chiropractic treatment, I used to have back pain, headache, shoulder pain & neck pain which had been bothering me for years. 

After treatment by Dr. Stephanie, I am feeling much better now. Less pain on shoulder, back & neck. Improved my sleeping quality as well.

Thank you Dr. Stephanie for your advice & patience. 

Jessmine, 47

Jessmine (2).JPG
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