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Our Vision

Our purpose at Reform Chiropractic is to be the premier chiropractic service in Singapore and to help build the profession into the service that the community deserves.

Both of us spent a few years in practice with high-volume, big brand companies in Singapore. This style of practice while still yielding fantastic results was not congruent with our passions and beliefs.


We believe in holistic and patient-centric care, where chiropractic is not just about the adjusting the subluxation (misalignment in the spine) but underlying muscular and functional dysfunctions, thus we established Reform Chiropractic in May 2018 in the heart of Serangoon.

We respect that every person is different, your goals are our goals whether it be to get out of pain or to push your body to its fullest limits.  This is what health care should be and this is why we love what we do. 

If you want to approach health a little differently from the status quo, then we would love to help you.

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