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Meet The Chiropractors

David Tran Chiropractor Singapore Reform Chiropactic

B.ChiroSc., M.Chiro. (Non Medical / Dental)
(Macquarie University, Australia ) 
Registered Chiropractor under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
Member of the Chiropractic Association of Singapore 

Greetings, I am Dr David, Chiropractor and Co-founder of Reform Chiropractic.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I first studied Finance and Law coming out of high school but soon after realized I had no passion for numbers and statutes.

As life would have it, I stumbled across chiropractic and found the study of the human body fascinated me far more then spreadsheets and that treating patients felt more like a rewarding hobby than a job.

My parents and the Australian lifestyle introduced me to sports from a very young age where I played tennis, touch football and basketball at a representative level. It wasn't till studying chiropractic though when I really started to understand the benefits of a healthy spine as I started to play american football for a local team, battering my body during training's and game days.

Throughout the years I've gained valuable experience not just through study and treating thousands of people, but also through having experienced multiple injuries and strains myself. Thus my biggest focus when it comes to my patients is that I already know that getting out of dysfunction and pain is possible, but I want to empower them to improve upon what they even thought was possible for themselves.

Dr Stephanie Chan Chiropractor Singapore

B.ChiroSc., M.Chiro. (Non Medical / Dental)
(Macquarie University, Australia) 
Registered Chiropractor under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
Member of the Chiropractic Association of Singapore 

Hello, I am Dr Stephanie Chan, Chiropractor and Co-Founder of Reform Chiropractic. 

I was born and raised in Hong Kong until I moved to study in Australia, Melbourne in high school then later Sydney for university. Coming from a large family with four other siblings, being the second eldest I found I always had to play the role of caretaker for the family and this helped me make an easy transition to healthcare when it comes to educating and sharing my knowledge with others. 

One of my favorite parts of being a chiropractor is that I get to meet and treat such a diverse range of patients, personalities and cultures to especially in Singapore. Coming from Hong Kong I already understand the fast paced and often stressful lifestyle that Singaporeans lead which is often detrimental - whether it be through mental, physical and even dietary stress. 

That is why my goal for patients is to help them achieve that balance by finding the root cause of their issues and helping best I can to remove them. 

I have been blessed to work in a large-scale clinic mainly servicing the middle-aged masses to a local family clinic helping all ages from newborns to elderly so I am looking forward to helping the families of Serangoon take their health to the next level.

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