Our Fees

We aim to be as open and forthcoming about our fees as possible, if you are looking for the cheapest rates in town we are not for you because we are not a 'crack-and-go' clinic. If you are more concerned about detail and attention then you have come to the right place. At Reform Chiropractic, care frequency and duration are based of the individual patient, there is not a single formula that can calculate the needs of every variation of body type.

Your needs will be determined from both objective and subjective findings from your initial consultation following through to subsequent visits, people heal at different paces and we understand that - our goal is to help you do that as fast as possible.

Most of our patients' courses of treatment will fall within these general guidelines:

  • Uncomplicated (no disc or neurological involvement) back or neck pain of short duration: 4 - 8 visits/ 4 - 8 weeks

  • Uncomplicated (no disc or neurological involvement) back or neck pain of chronic duration: 8 -16 visits/ 8 -16 weeks

  • Disc lesion of short duration: 8 - 16 visits / 8 - 16 weeks

  • Chronic disc lesion, spinal stenosis, nerve entrapments: 12 - 24 visits / 12 - 24 weeks

We offer a small treatment plan to make billing easier and help patients save some money. We do not pressure anyone into thinking a package is imperative to receiving care, hence our per visit price is still very closely priced.

*Under 21 years old, NSF and 65+ years old

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