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T E S T I M O N I A L S 

After coming here for treatment, I am able to turn better, have more strength to do house work without pain and feels lighter overall. 

Madam Tan, 64


Saw 3 GP and 1 TCM before coming to Reform Chiropractic. I can walk long distance now without pain after treatment and I can dance again! :)

Jennifer, 61

Jennifer review.jpg

First came into the clinic with pain on the 3rd and 4th toe. After the 1st treatment, the pain cut down to less 50% of pain. After the 5th treatment, the pain is totally gone! 

Max, 37


Mr Chan, 59

IMG_20180718_184811 copy.jpg

After 6 treatments, I have more strength to carry heavy loads, able to climb stairs comfortably and stronger lower back to do some house chores 

Thank you! 

I've been struggling with lower and neck issues since 2017. As a result, I couldn't exercise pain-free and my sleep quality suffered as I was constantly in pain.

Prior to treatment with Reform Chiropractic, I've been to a couple of traditional chinese doctors and other chiropractors, none of them actually helped. After treatment with Reform Chiropractic, my neck pain is gone and my back was significantly improved. I am sleeping better and I can go to the gym and train without pain. 

Fabian, 24


Dear Dr David, 

Thank you for your patience and help with my bony problems. 

I love every sessions and I feel much better after. 

Zac, 9 



Ernest, 25

printed photos (5).JPG

来看医生之前我的手会麻痹, 膊头非常重, 感觉像石头压住, 痛到睡不着. 

看了医生后轻松很多, 手的麻痹也少了, 现在可以睡得好. 比之前进步了80%

Mr Chan, 63

Before coming to see the chiropractor, I had average sore back issues. After treatments, there's less back issues. 

Kai, 15

I was having bad neck and back pain, migraines and other pains in knees and ankle. After I started treatment, I feel less tight muscles, less back/neck pain. Better quality of life :) 

Priyanka, 32

Priyanka (2)_edited.jpg

Less pain in the back and neck area. I used to have frequent aches and pain everywhere!! With Dr David, he eased out all the areas that feel uncomfortable. I need chiro every week. It has become my lifestyle. 

Thank you Dr David :) 

Joelle, 38

Jason, 35

Before seeking chiropractic care, I have aching and tightness in the back and neck area, especially shoulders. After I started treatment, there's less aching, able to breathe better, less prone to sickness. Feel so much better every week after the chiro session by Dr David.

Thank you Dr David  


Before seeking chiropractic treatment, I used to have back pain, headache, shoulder pain & neck pain which had been bothering me for years. 

After treatment by Dr. Stephanie, I am feeling much better now. Less pain on shoulder, back & neck. Improved my sleeping quality as well.

Thank you Dr. Stephanie for your advice & patience. 

Jessmine, 47

Jessmine (2).JPG

Prior to chiropractic care, I have regular aching in the shoulders and neck. Improved energy after treatment and intensity of the pain has reduced tremendously. Thank you Dr Stephanie for helping with my posture and alignment. I'm so glad I'm in less pain now!! 

Sheryl, 29

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Before seeking chiropractic care, I had frequent headaches, shoulder aches and back aches and I took medicine to ease the pain. Because of the sprain on the lower back, I sought chiropractic care after the medicine could not ease the pain. 

After the first and second adjustments, I didn't feel soreness and pain. After a few more adjustments, I felt lighter actually. 

Lena, 49

I had stiff neck and aching upper arm when I first came in. Since I started treatment, my neck has been better without stiffness and restricted mobility. arm has also been better with less frequent occurrence of pain/aches. 

Daniel, 45

My body was aching all over and tired easily. After a couple of months of therapy sessions, my body does not hurt like before, even after gym and exercise regimes. The therapy sessions help a lot in alleviating the aching, and I have learn how to take care of my body with Dr Stephanie's advice. 

Sean, 42

Sean edited.jpg

I had very sensitive calves and chronic back pain. Since coming to Reform Chiropractic, my calves are less sensitive and chronic back pain is much reduced. The treatment is holistic and has been helpful in managing pain. 

Gwyneth, 38

Before coming to Dr David for chiro care, I was having constant backaches & muscle tightness.

After treatment with Dr David, my condition improved a lot and coupled with exercises that Dr David taught me, I feel better and more energized! 

Thank you! 

David, 31

David Mak.JPG

Before my right wrist was injured, unable to move and also my right arm. After about 6 visits I recover and able to move my right wrist again. And my right arm is getting better now. I still come for my visit every 2 weeks. Thanks to Dr David. 


Angie Phillip (1).JPG

I was feeling well with no severe aches, just sore back + shoulders. After I started treatment, there's not so much stiffness on the shoulder joints and improved posture. Doctor has given good suggestion to alleviate the immediate soreness. 

Bobby, 46 

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