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Is Your Brain Fog Caused By Your Spine?

Do your have forward neck posture too?

*green and blue line represent ideal position respectively

Forward neck posture is a term commonly used to describe postural deterioration whereby your neck is tilted forward while upright, notice how the ear is situated more forward than shoulder.

Other common issues associated with forward head posture:

  • Stiff neck that "sprains" easily

  • Affected sleep quality

  • Constant neck and shoulder pain

  • Restricted range of movement in the neck

  • Frequent headache or migraines

  • Giddiness

  • Vertigo

Rehabilitative Treatment

Apart from spinal adjustments and prescriptive strengthening exercises, patients can improve their neck structure utilizing a rehabilitation equipment, Cervical Denneroll to correct their spinal curve as mentioned in the study (see below). This can help improve the connection between the brain and the rest of the body to allow better healing and recovery of the signs and symptoms.


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